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Frederick Douglas house in Washington, DC

Nature restores what stress depletes. This is the Nature Effect.

Picture an urban landscape—the always-on hustle, traffic, deadlines, crowds. Stress. Now, picture nature. Harmonious, peaceful, removed. The two seem diametrically opposed.

Yet profound things happen when you blend the two.

It’s no secret that access to nature improves health—mentally and physically. This conversation is becoming more mainstream—community leaders, innovative thinkers and inspired citizens are starting to take notice: nearby nature is a critical part of a healthier, more productive urban society.

At Nature Sacred, we love this momentum. It’s shedding light on something we’ve known—and seen transform communities —for over two decades.

Our approach is unique—we blend design, science and nature to create meaningful, open, green spaces Sacred Spaces — in urban communities. These are intimate, publicly accessible spaces—often small, sometimes even unremarkable—purpose-built to align with the community’s culture, needs and current city layouts. And the results have been profound.

We’ve seen communities unite, pride restored, hope renewed—all sparking a ripple effect of improved health and urban cohesion the value of which can hardly be overstated.

Experience the Nature Effect through first-hand storytelling.

What impact could the Nature Effect bring to some of our country’s hardest hit populations? Cities devastated by natural disasters. Hospitals treating Wounded Warriors for PTSD. Low-income urban neighborhoods plagued with decades of chronic stress and crime. These are communities acutely experiencing real psychological trauma. How can nature help?

Five years ago, we set our course to find out through our Nature Sacred Awards Program. And the results are just coming in—we’re more inspired than ever.

Experience the stories and the science. Browse our Nature Effect microsite to view our short films—first-hand stories of recovery and resilience through nature.


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