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Discover the
Nature Effect

How does nature heal communities
devastated by disaster, crime and stress?
In profound ways.


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City Resilience: Joplin

Transformation and resilience in Joplin, Mo—after the devastation of an EF5 tornado.

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Hurricane Recovery: Rockaway

In late 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of New York. This is the story of how nature has helped one Queens community unite and heal.

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Coming Soon: Metro Biodiversity

Human health and environmental health are inextricably linked. How can a native “wild nature” experience benefit urban communities?

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Nature RX

Emphasizing patient, family and employee centered care through nature-based, hospital programming.

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Warrior Care: Walter Reed Military

Using nature to promote commemoration, restoration, and healing for our Nation’s Wounded Warriors.

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Inspiring Community Stories

“It’s bringing community together. Green space connects everyone beyond socio-economic status…across religion, across color lines; it’s a place where everybody can go and everyone is equal.”

Donovan Richards, Jr. , New York City Council Member

“I remember May 22 like it was yesterday. I remember the heartache felt. This park brought a sense of peace and healing.”

Joplin Resident (excerpt from bench journal)

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